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Peter Obi Speaks At Chatham House On Structure, Power, Biafra Agitation, Corruption [Video]



Peter Obi Speaks At Chatham House On Structure, Power, Biafra Agitation, Corruption [Video]

Peter Obi spoke at Chatham House on structure, power, Biafra agitation, corruption, insecurity, and other issues.

Newsone reports that the standard bearer of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, says if he is elected president, he will “destroy the structure” that has kept Nigerians in poverty.

This online news platform understands that Peter Obi said made this comment on Monday, January 16, 2023, while speaking at the Chatham House in the United Kingdom.

Peter Obi also said his administration will fight the structure and “big boys” who prevent the power sector from functioning properly.

“Let me assure you of what we’ve been campaigning on. You have heard them say we don’t have structure; that is the structure we are trying to destroy — structure of criminality,” Obi said.

“That is what I’ve mentioned that Nigeria has been held captive. That structure that has impoverished Nigeria, we will dismantle it. It will not be there; I assure you of that.

“Going to turn around the power sector — Nigeria generates about five to six thousand megawatts of electricity for 200 million people. And South Africa, the second biggest in terms of economy on the continent — 60 million people — generates about 40,000 to 50,000, and South-Africa in the past three months has declared emergency on power and said anybody can generate up to 100 megawatts without licence.

“So, somebody who is 60 million, generating about over 40,000, declared emergency, what do you think somebody with 200 million people generating five to six thousand would do? War.

“I’m going to declare war on power and I will solve it. Anybody who stands in the way, so be it.”

The LP candidate also said if elected, his administration would create a suitable platform to attract foreign investors into the country.

“Bringing back foreign investors is like bee and honey. What you need is to create honey; where the bee would find the place is very simple. Foreign capital is scared of corruption, is scared of board policies, is scared of where there is no rule of law,” he said.

“You need to put a regulatory environment that makes it conducive; you need to secure it. That is at the heart of what Datti and I are offering.

“We will build intangible assets of securing the country, making sure that we govern through rule of law. We will fight corruption.”

The former Anambra state governor was asked how he will address the issue of agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) during the question and answer session.

Answering, Obi said, “I condemn all agitators. But in condemning them, you have to look at why all these agitators are all over the place including IPOB, the Yoruba Nation.”

He said 63% of Nigerians are in massive poverty, which is fuelling the agitations in Nigeria.

Further speaking on the welfare plans he has for Nigerians, Obi vowed that the plans and solutions of his party will drive a quality life for the average Nigerian.

The Labour Party Presidential Candidate noted that demography was driving the change that is currently being witnessed in Africa with elections after the election seeing established parties upturned by new and small parties.

“It’s this change that my vision of policy change and institutional development is rooted in.

“A push for a broadened scope of social development, mobility and freedom for Nigerians particularly for the youths and the women,” he said.

Newsone Nigeria reports that Peter Obi assured that he and his running mate, Senator Yusuf Baba-Ahmed, are committed to the new politics that starts with ethics and servant-leaders, anchored on a marriage of ‘clean and skillful hands’.

Watch the full Peter Obi Chatham House video below…